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Rebuy Stars Social:


Fun! That's the word that defines us. We're not a generic "gamble," we don't undress or force anyone. We want to explain to ordinary people that a casino can be a clever form of social entertainment. If you and your friends are going out to a whirlwind city for dinner or a movie night, stop by the Rebuy Stars Casino on your way home. Have a bottle of Prosecco, sit at the bar, and when you're feeling up to it, go have fun at the roulette table with the dealer, play Black Jack or try your luck with modern slot machines. The staff of Rebuy Stars Casino will be happy to explain the rules of the game to you, even if you've come to enjoy yourself in the casino for the very first time. There's nothing to worry about, we have fun with joy.

We opened the first Rebuy Stars Casino in 2010 in Luka, Prague. Since then, the Rebuy Stars brand has become a prestigious operator of land-based casinos, across the whole of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia. Rebuy Stars Casinos are always clean, airy, heated and air-conditioned, with stable wi-fi connectivity with responsive staff and 24/7 security surveillance. The comfort of all guests comes first for us.

Helping those in need

We live in an age our ancestors never dreamed of years ago. With a high standard of living, we can achieve almost anything and that makes us happy. But there are people around us who, even today, need the help of others. Rebuy Stars is very aware of this and has created a charitable project "Rebuy Stars Helps." Several times a year, we select one needed charitable project to which we will gladly and heartily provide the necessary donation - tangible or financial. We do it with our hearts.

See who the Rebuy Stars Group helps.

Rebuy Stars group

Rebuy Stars Holding a.s.

ID: 24229130
VAT number: CZ24229130
K Výtopně 1224, 156 00 Praha 5 . Zbraslav
B 17939 registered at the Municipal Court in Prague

Rebuy Stars Office a.s.

ID: 24228486
VAT number: CZ24228486
K Výtopně 1224, 156 00 Praha 5 – Zbraslav
B 17933 registered at the Municipal Court in Prague

Lucky Money a.s.

ID: 27205746
VAT number: CZ27205746
K Výtopně 1224, 156 00 Praha 5 – Zbraslav
B 9713 registered at the Municipal Court in Prague