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The history of the Savarin Palace will be honoured by a party in the style of the First Republic

  • Praha, Rebuy Stars Casino Savarin
  • 06.06.2022

If you are wondering where the history of entertainment in Prague was written, just stop at Na Prikope Street 10, lift your eyes and admire the beauty of the Savarin Palace. The original Ethnographic Museum moved its collections in 1905 to make way for healthy gambling entertainment. The patron of art in the museum and founder of the Pruhonicky Park - Arnost Emanuel Sylva Tarouca - is rightly considered the father of the first Central European casino, just in the Savarin Palace, which dates back to the spring of 1905. Come with us to pay tribute to the oldest land-based casino in Central Europe at a unique First Republic party, on Thursday night, June 16th.

Together we will go back to the time when the celebrities like Jan Werich, Franz Kafka or Ferdinand Peroutka often visited Casino Savarin. The actors of the Estates Theatre spent their time here every night and we will remind you of this time. On Thursday, June 16th we will change the employees of Casino Savarin into period clothes, prepare a banquet with the jewels of Old Prague cuisine, have a First Republic Absinthe and there will be no money missing. We will hand out 100,000 CZK in evening slot jackpots. Enjoy a unique evening with your friends in the historical centre of Prague in the style of the First Republic. We look forward to your visit on Thursday night, June 16th.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!