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The CZK 100.000 prize-pool is guaranteed by the Rebuy Stars Cup in the partner Online Casino LuckyBet!

  • Online casinu LuckyBet
  • 14.03.2022

The online casino LuckyBet offers you games you know very well from Rebuy Stars. Play your favourite game directly on your mobile. A total of CZK 100.000 is guaranteed by the Rebuy Stars Cup – first partner slot tournament - in the Online Casino LuckyBet, which kicks off on Monday, March 14. Throughout the week, until Sunday, you can have a nice time with your favourite slot game or roulette.


Bite your share of the LuckyBet 100.000 CZK prize and earn extra vouchers to the partner Rebuy Stars Casino of up to 5.000 CZK. Each voucher winner also gets a bottle of genuine French champagne to make the fun of the land-based Rebuy Stars Casino worthwhile! Have fun with friends where it makes sense.


Rebuy Stars Cup winners in LuckyBet:

Rank 1:

voucher for 5.000 CZK + bottle of champagne

Rank 2:

voucher for 4.000 CZK + bottle of champagne

Rank 3:

voucher for 3.000 CZK + bottle of champagne

Rank 4:

voucher for 2.000 CZK + bottle of champagne

Rank 5:

voucher for 1.000 CZK + bottle of champagne